Camp Half Blood : Four The Age of War

Camp Half Blood : Four The Age of War

2016 has been a rough year for everyone.

And with its coming the world has fallen into an abyss of disarray and disrepair.

Crisis ravages the globe. Earthquakes and natural disasters abound and shake the ground with their extreme magnitude. Fires, floods, disease and pestilence rage with all their might to test the will and strength of humanity itself.

And as humanity appears to decline... war, crime and hatred are on the rise.

Rather than lurking in the shadows that they were once confined to, monsters now walk freely among us, committing horrific acts of violence to sap faith and hope in man's inherent goodness, casting doubt on the belief that good can overpower evil.

Gun violence, terrorist attacks, struggle and turmoil between the supposed keepers of order and the very same people that they are supposed to protect. Some of these vicious acts performed by monsters themselves and others performed shockingly by humans as the very worst in people are slowly brought to the surface, people on a track to righteousness swayed on a path towards evil.

Tensions and conflict are escalating around the world as war and persecution and poverty in many nations causes their residents to flee... only for them to be struck with the realization that there is nowhere for them to go. Places where the world is not burning have closed up their borders, retracted a welcoming hand as they retreat to deal with their own crisis.

World leaders operate on messages driven by fear, distrust and loathing to appeal to the people.

Whilst all around the globe demigods are dying... being exterminated one by one in an alarming amount of silent and undiscovered assassinations. Viruses kill or deform the children of gods in the womb to stop their divine seed from spreading further. Whilst already living and high profile ones who have made their marks upon the world are being eradicated to rid the Earth of their guiding force and beacon of hope. Giants and leaders in their fields, as godly children often are, the losses of these big names and celebrities spiral the state of the world into even more confusion, mourning and chaos.

Hate, anarchy, greed, corruption and terror reign supreme. And our world is more divided than it has ever been before.

The residents of Camp Half Blood are no exception.

After last year's attack, killing dozens of the original population of Camp Half Blood, traitors were revealed to be in their midst. Subsequently, Camp Half Blood has closed its gates directing all of its efforts to fortifying and rebuilding all the destruction from the Valentines Day Massacre... upping security measures ten fold.

All campers have focused their attentions on converting the former camp into a site of strategy and planning, a center of operations for the imminent battle. The formerly fun and homelike environment has been rendered strict and militant, curfews and training regiments implemented and people constantly on the look out for danger. Camp Half Blood has been converted into, for lack of a better word, a war base.

For their own protection, the camp has become a refuge to the increasingly dwindling number of survivors in the world with godly blood. And demigods have flocked or been recruited for the cause from all over the globe, being rescued from their former homes to escape persecution and detection at the hands of monsters. Yet once they are here, Camp Half Blood has become something of a prison, as the catch is special permission is rarely granted and absolutely required to leave.

Overcrowding has led to squalid conditions and the children of the gods are all pooling their efforts to see that there is enough food and enough space for their new brethren. But distrust of the newcomers is instinctual as rumors lurk that their still might be agents of chaos hiding within the walls.

And so the once proud race of demigods has been rendered to caged animals, cowering and paranoid and subjected to hiding behind the walls of their last sanctuary as they regroup to prepare for the bloodbaths ahead.

The gods would weep if they were watching this chaos unfold... but for the past year Olympus has been empty as after the Valentines Day Massacre, the Thirteen Main Olympian Gods mysteriously vanished from the heavens, leaving a gaping hole where their leadership was expected... and casting suspicion on what exactly role they played in the Valentine's Day Massacre.

Chiron spends most of his time fighting the good fight from outside the walls, his freedom a luxury that most of Camp Half Blood cannot afford.

For the most part, Camp Half Blood is mostly self run, an elected council of leaders appointed to make most of its decisions, this council almost entirely comprised of Heads of Cabin and Head Champions who people whisper are abusing their powers as they serve as replacements for the gods they obey.

Complete trust and loyalty is a rarity... as the Valentines Day Massacre proved that you can never know what darkness someone has lurking underneath the skin.

To make matters worse, two distinct camps have formed within the once unified borders. Those who remain rigidly fixed on the natural order of things... trying to go on as best they can in the way that the gods would have wanted, desperately trying to revive a dying world and stitch its pieces back together... and those who have adopted the radical notion that perhaps in order for the world to the created anew it must burn to the ground first and be revived from its own ashes. That perhaps Chaos is the natural Order of things.

Those who are tired of trying to fight the decaying state of the world and are content to watch it fall are being branded as "defectors," their minds poisoned by chaos's armies, and are expelled and rejected in fear from Camp Half Blood's borders to be taken in by her forces. If you are not with Order... you are against them. With nowhere else to turn they join ranks with their ostracized brethren out in the distant and wild woods where agents of Chaos have created a separate secure base of their own... tents out in the forrest... underground bunkers and tunnels beneath the ground... caves stocked high with weapons to take their former home down.

But something curious and terrifying begins to occur to those expelled from Camp Half Blood's borders and left to find for themselves on the outside... something that no one can quite explain. After a few weeks without the protective border of Camp Half Blood... the minds of many (not all but many) of the former campers begin to warp and twist when subjected to a stronger influence. Whether or not they are dedicated to Chaos's cause when they left... her mind begins to overpower their own as they begin submitting to the temptation of leading a new world order... taking the place of the merciless gods who were once their overlords. Taking down their former friends who cast them out and rejected them.

And as Chaos's powers grow stronger... her influence begins to leak within the gate and permeate the minds of people there as well. Infected people become increasingly withdrawn and aloof... as they fear that speaking their dark new thoughts aloud would lead to them becoming expelled in fear and paranoia of betrayal from the premises... where there will be o protection from Chaos's influence.

Chaos is coming.

And Camp Half Blood is dangerously close to collapsing from within.

Both sides fight hard and with dedication... the complete and utter conviction that their side is the "right" side. That the gods are good and just or that the gods have been allowed to screw up the world for far too long. Both sides are strong... but there can only be one victor.

Order or Chaos? Which will prevail?
CHB Four The Age of War is a continuation of what I consider to be one of the most successful Camp Half Blood roleplay groups on Polyvore! Now on it's fourth chapter we are continuously recruiting new members to engage in exciting stories with welcoming rpers. Feel free to ask a mod at any time anything that concerns the group, our inboxes are always open!
:: RULES ::
+ The mods are pretty cool people, ask us anything. Saying that our word is final so listen to us if we do request anything now and again.
+ Keep the drama in the roleplay please!!
+ Technically speaking we don't have a maximum character limit but don't overexert yourselves please! Keep in mind that we prefer quality over quantity any day :)
+ This is loosely based on the PJ world, literally picking up camp and using that setting and premise. Saying that you don't need to know everything to join, wiki it, interpret and enjoy!
+ Please put effort into sets, a single icon or picture just won't cut it
+ Double up, every guy make a girl and visa versa
+ No nick, Beiber, Disney or site models please. If you have trouble finding a model either search up collections or simply ask a mod for some advice.
+ Stay active, if you can't rp any more please tell a mod so that we can take you off the tag list and open up your models/spot
+ Godmodding is a no, no. You're not going to know what someone said unless you were there or a character tells you
+ Have fun! It's what it's all about after all :)
| Full Name |
| Nicknames |
| Age |
| Years At Camp |
| Birthday & Sign |
| Relationship Status |
| Side | (Anyone may of course switch sides later, if they'll have you ofc!)
| Face Claim |
| Bio | {The more detailed the more likely of acceptance} {If you're an old member let us know what they have been up to in detail this last year}
| Godly Parent |
| Family | Mortal |
| Personality or Wardrobe Collection |
| Quirks & Habits |
| Redeeming Qualities |
| Fatal Flaws |
| Prides Themselves On |
| Insecurities |
| Birthmarks, Tattoos, Piercings etc |
| 3 Extra Facts Or Secrets |
- Blaze Haynes {O} | Matt Lanter | @megamegs
- Declan Maverick {O} | Theo James | @oh-my-roses
- Ezekiel Thatcher {C} | Miles Teller | @lost-my-halo
- Stellen Andrews {O} | Scott Eastwood | @brigee3
- Storm Haynes | Sophia Bush | @megamegs
- Barbara Laurens {O} | Ali Michael | @mckinnons
- Daytona Basden {O} | Willa Holland | @grantsolo
- Hyeon Su-Yeong {O} | Nam Joo Hyuk | @urbanstyledgrl
- Samuel Laurens {O} | Cody Christian | @mckinnons
- Xander King {C} | Matthew Daddario | @obliviation
- Keziah Coulter {O} | Anna Christine Speckhart | @grantsolo
- Bai Jian {O} | Huang Zitao | @yixingzhang
- Gryphon Aitchison {?} | Baskin Champion | @graceful-hobbit-rp
- Sana Mousawi {C} | Emeraude Toubia | @yixingzhang
- Alexander Grant {O} | Ryan Taylor | @grantsolo
- Alyx Petralia {O} | Lily Aldridge | @brigee3
- Colette Harlowe {O} | Taylor Marie Hill | @iminthelabyrinth
- Elara Zaralis {O} | Elle Fanning | @urbanstyledgrl
- Brielle Grace {O} | Kristina Bazan | @karma-kween
- Karlee Engel {?} | RomeeStrijd | @oh-my-roses
- Lance Laceroux {O} | Adrien Sahores | @vetrious
- Gemma Hoyah {O} | Kendall Jenner | @megamegs
- Yuliya Poroshenko {O} | Josephine Skriver | @alqualonde
- Adria Creek {O} | Nataliya Piro | @chloe-jean-05
- Brecken Harlow {C} | Bob Morley | @karma-kween
- Eric Matthewson {O} | Jai Courtney | @grantsolo
- Everett Harley {O} | Taylor Kitsch | @oh-my-roses
- Jordan Kane {O} | Ryan Kelley | @lost-my-halo
- Luce Leon {O} | Grace Elizabeth | @obliviation
- Miles Coleman {O} | Aaron Johnson | @iminthelabyrinth
- Archer Thompson | Neels Visser | @megamegs
- Hwangbo Taemin {O} | Oh Sehun | @graceful-hobbit-rp
- Isabella Figueroa | Astrid Berges-Frisbey | @megamegs
- Jessica Vega {O} | Holland Roden | @karma-kween
- Yekaterina "Katya" Nikolaevna {O} | Frida Gustavsson | @alqualonde
- Finn Espinoza {O} | Nick Roux | @lost-my-halo
- Hailey Spencer {?} | Emily Didonato | @oh-my-roses
- Kanaria Kohen {?} | Sasha Lus | @vetrious
- Lyle Wolfe {C} | Grant Gustin | @graceful-hobbit-rp
- Nina Kona {O} | Aya Shlkar | @lost-my-halo
- Samuel Armend {C} | Taylor Lautner | @megamegs
- Spencer Whitney {O} | Anna Sophia-Robb | @brigee3
- Kaliana Parks {?} | Sasha Pieterse | @lost-my-halo
- Rhett Doe {C} | Edward Wilding | @brigee3
- Abbadon Bane {O} | Ian Somerhalder | @megamegs
- Azrael Bane {C} | Nina Dobrev | @megamegs
- Jahn Hugo {O} | Francisco Lachowski | @karma-kween
- Harlow Newton-Bianchi {C} Asteria | Abbey Lee Kershaw | @grantsolo
- August Ellis {O} Aletheia | Alexander Ludwig | @karma-kween
- Augustine Graner {O} Eros | Lucky Blue Smith | @iminthelabyrinth
- Freya Graner {C} Eros | Pyper America Smith | @iminthelabyrinth
- Juliana Coulter {?} Himeros | Elouise Morris | @grantsolo
- Johnathan Fray {C} Khione | Simon Nessman | @grantsolo
- Holden Lynx Whittaker {O} Khione | Vladimir Ivanov | @shadowsweety
- Daisy Sapphire Douglas {O} Persephone | Alexandra Chando | @shadowsweety
- Stanton Kallin {O} Selene | Max Irons | @chloe-jean-05

:: TAG LIST ::

Runway Royalty

Runway Royalty

[x] open
[ ]closed
[ ] pm the mods to join
E! presents their newest season of the reality show: Runway Royalty. #RR. focuses on the luxurious lives on the new generation of the fashion world. watch as the elite of the runway embark on hectic and drama filled journeys, making a name for themselves or simply living like there's no tomorrow



audition template:

♫ Make it through || Glee/ degrassi Roleplay ♫

♫ Make it through || Glee/ degrassi Roleplay ♫

Group created on: 12/27/16
Mod: @adribenavides
Comod: @kathy
Who could forget about Marley from Glee. After leaving McKinley High School. Her mother got a new and better job on Ontario. She finally finished school and then decided to study for music. She decided to look for a job whilst studying and that's when she decided to be a glee club teacher and music teacher for Degrassi.
The next generation of the students at Degrassi are here. students continue to deal with the obstacles of being a teenager. Will you be able to survive in this school or give up in the process. Welcome to Degrassi.
✖ canons can be used but only the new kids from degrassi: next class. And some members of glee to be teachers or some sort
✖no limited characters, just make sure you can role play with every character
✖ No Mary Sues or Gary Joes, which means no perfect characters.
✖pg whatever. but try to contain explicit content on pm and make sure the one you are role playing with is comfortable with the content
✖ role play with everyone
✖ respects the mods
✖must have a male for every female audition
✖ Be nice to everyone in the group. Keep the drama inside the roleplay only. If you have any problems with anyone just tell the mod.
✖if you want your character to become pregnant or die, you don't need to ask for permissions, but I please let me know so I can make some changes to the group.
✖ Put the password at the end of the audition to show you have read all the rules
◘ Password: Music is my world
✖ Please don't use any 1D (unless it's Zayn) or the Kardashians.
✖Stay active, have fun and be creative
✖ respects the mods
✖ any questions just ask the mods
School rules:

♩ Audition Template ♩
Degrassi clubs and sports:
Degrassi Next class characters (just in case):
♬ Taken Characters| Faceclaims ♬
-Elizabeth Rose|| Emily Rudd
- Matthew Nicolson|| Dylan O'brien
-Lola Pacini|| ‎Amanda Arcuri
- Miles Hollingsworth III || Eric Osborne
- Vanessa Hudgens
- Sabrina Carpenter
- Rowan Blanchard
- Olivia Holt
- Indiana Evans
-Taylor Lautner
- Diego Boneta
- Nick Jonas
- Harry Styles
- Holland Roden
- Mathew Daddario
-jung chanwoo
-im changkyun
-lalisa manobal
-chrissy costanza
-Jessica Clements
-Chris Overgaard
-Jesse McCartney
-Elizabeth Gillies
-Dove Cameron
-Booboo Stewart
-sophie turner
-freddie stroma
- christina grimmie
- ed sheeran
-Grant Gustin
- Sahar Luna
♪ Taglist ♪

Kpop Roleplay

Kpop Roleplay

This group is for kpop groups and idols (ocs) created by polvore users
Face claims are first dibs on a model/ulzzang/idol/etc.'s face/appearance
Do not use anyone else's face claim (unless you've gotten permission first)
Do not use existing songs as your own. (You can't make your song/comeback Hobogoblin, it's been done. Do a concept similar but don't copy.)
Do not roleplay injuries, illnesses, anything that could be threatening to an idols career or life. (Have some respect.)
Do not cause scandals about another group without permission
Do not claim anyone's work or creations as your own
Be kind and respectful to all members and real idols.
Do not create ocs who are not of asian ethnicity.
If you don't like these rules please leave, there's another oc group or you could make your own. Message me if you have any questions.

☆Kpop Squad☆

☆Kpop Squad☆

Hey there! This group is made for all you kpop fans! Everyone is free to join. Share your sets, make friends, enter contests, and most importantly: HAVE FUN :)

Biased; a kpop rp group

Biased; a kpop rp group

In Korean entertainment being a musician is more than a job, it's a lifestyle. You become idols to people all over the world, signed to labels that will make your name known to millions. After your trainee period, you are to give everything you have into your music career, either in a group or solo under the record label that has practically raised you. These labels aren't a joke. One label especially has gained popularity through a newly debuted group, (we can make it girl or guy, doesn't matter, whichever) although the group themselves love the attention, not everyone does. When rumors begin to spread claiming terrible things about them, everyone is shocked. The rumors become more frequent from there and spreading to tell secrets of many groups. Everyone under that label is getting attacked by these rumors, but how many of them are true and who is it that's spreading them?

**You do not need to know anything about the Korean entertainment world to join this group, it helps, but it's not necessary.
Basically this group is the Korean entertainment world with a dash of 'goosip girls' thrown in, drama is HIGHLY encouraged in this group and well as a wild imagination. You are welcome to have any kind of idol! We will be putting together the groups as well as writing some additional drama for everyone to participate in!
🇰🇷 Rules 🇰🇷
+ The mods are pretty cool people, ask us anything. Saying that our word is final so listen to us if we do request anything now and again.
+ Keep the drama in the roleplay please!!
+ 6 characters max. We prefer quality over quantity any day :)!
+ Please put effort into sets, a single icon or picture just won't cut it
+ Double up, every guy make a girl and visa versa
+ No nick, Beiber, Disney or site models please. If you have trouble finding a model either search up collections or simply ask a mod for some advice. We would prefer Korean or Asian models.
+ Stay active, if you can't rp any more please tell a mod so that we can take you off the tag list and open up your models/spot
+ Godmodding is a no, no. You're not going to know what someone said unless you were there or a character tells you
+ Have fun! It's what it's all about after all :)
🇰🇷 Taken Models 🇰🇷
Chanyeol of EXO
Whee In of MAMAMOO
Baekhyun of EXO
Moonbyul of MAMAMOO
Xiumin of EXO
Lee Hi
Junhoe of iKON
Jun K of 2PM
Hyorin of SISTAR
Yugyeom of GOT7
Chaeyoung of TWICE
Vernon of Seventeen
Irene of Red Velvet
Kim Taehyung of BTS
Choi Yoojung of I.O.I
Lee Hyeri of Girls Day
Kai of EXO
Krystal Jung of F(x)
Jungkook of BTS
Sehun of EXO
Hyejeong of AOA
Lee Ji-eun of IU
Park Jinwoo of Astro
Sooyoung of SNSD
G-Dragon of BigBang
JooHeon of Monsta X
Kris of EXO
Kim Myungsoo/L of Infinite
Bae Yubin/Binnie of Oh My Girl
CL/Lee Chaerin of 2NE1
Kim Seokjin/Jin of BTS
Im Jin-Ah
Chen of EXO
Taeyeon of SNSD
Go Kyung-Pyo
Bae Su-Ji
Lee Sung-Kyung
Sojin of Girls Day
Naeun of Apink
Yuta of NCT
Jonghyun of SHINee
Ellin of Crayon Pop
Seo Kang Joon
Pinky of IOI
Changmin of TVXQ
Seohyun of SNSD
Daesung of BigBang
Chloe Bennet/Wang
Bae Joo-Hyun
Park Kyung-Ri
Qian Kun of NCT
Suga of BTS
Jun of Seventeen
L of Infinite
Kim Daeil
Sooyoung of SNSD
V of BTS
Lay of EXO
Park Bom of 2NE1
Sehun of EXO
Hyejeong of AOA

🇰🇷 Taglist 🇰🇷
@graceful-hobbit-rp @urbanstyledgrl @baekyumm @zhangyixing @abbitsachan @asymmetricals @chxshire-cat @divafaiiry @kekemax @monvmental @queenofdis4ster @novitious @muzikgurl @minibaozi @chrissykinz @sushi-rxll @karma-kween @xiupid @sofia-bassan @softsounds @sparklingsugar @d-lirium @alienkitty218 @kwiatekmarek @perkofbeinginfinite
🇰🇷 Audition Info 🇰🇷
So below is the audition template link.
Below that are two links for name ideas. Korean names are very different from western names. Their last name goes in front of their first name when the full name is written or said. I put a link of a website with Korean last names with meanings and the link after is of various Korean first names with meanings.
Girl: Kim Hyun A
Boy: Jung Hoseok
If you have any questions feel free to message us mods, we'd be happy to help.

🇰🇷 Template 🇰🇷

Profile info -
Group: (leave empty for models and actors)(until they are assigned to a group just describe what kind of group you'd like it to be or add an example, such as EXO, Girls Generation, AKMU, etc..)
Label: (there are five labels, if they are a model or an actor, you may pick your label not they will be assigned one with their group)
Stage name: (optional for models and actors)
Birth name:
Position(s): (leave empty for models and actors)(until they are assigned to a group just add what position(s) you'd like them to have)
Birth date: (1988-1998) (18-28)
Zodiac sign:
Blood type: (optional)
Facts: (i.e. – Specialty: – Nickname: – Hobbies: – Strengths: – Weaknesses: – Favorite Foods: – Favorite Number: – Favorite Color: – Favorite Artist: – Habits: – Education:)

Audtion info:
Face claim:

Last Names:
First Names:
🇰🇷 Labels Info 🇰🇷

MAMMO Records(stands for Mammoth): It seems as if they are always coming out with new and young groups, hip with the times, really good at promoting their new groups, but not so much their old groups.
KJ Entertainment : Known for having the old timers, groups, models and actors who have been around for years, who used to be very popular, but lost a lot of popularity. They recently debuted a new group and are trying to become a young, hip label now.
Fifty-Three: They produce groups that are phenomenal live and lean towards the badass and/or hip-hop image, but aren't very good at caring for their groups, especially the foreign members.
: Mainly a modeling label and has just started doing groups, their members are trained for at least three years, they only take the best of the best, but because they are so strict, they don't accept as many trainees.
LABEL #5 NAME: Basically one group is carrying the label, although they have many groups signed under them. Tries to show the real sides of their members, wanting fans to relate to them. However they are not the best at promoting, so they are not as popular as other label

✩°⋆ K - C O N N E C T I O N ✩°⋆

✩°⋆ K - C O N N E C T I O N ✩°⋆

Welcome to K-Connection or Korean Connection where you have the freedom to submit and add any sets of your favourite Korean groups, idols and soloists. There are no rules except all things added have to be related to Korean culture! Have fun~
韓国接続へようこそ!ここで、あなたの好きな韓国のアイドルグループとソリストのセットを追加したり、提出するのは自由です。韓国文化なければならないすべてのものを追加する以外にルールは、ありません! 〜お楽しみに!
Bienvenue à la connexion korean ! Ici, vous avez la liberté d'ajouter ou de présenter des ensembles de vos favoris idoles korean , groupes et solistes . Il n'y a pas de règles , sauf toutes choses ajoutées doivent être liées à la culture korean ! Amusez-vous ~ !
ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ (Please excuse some mistakes that can appear in my slobbish writing, i'm learning to be better)

Disney Descendants

Disney Descendants

After their wedding, Belle and Prince Adam form the United States of Auradon creating a prosperous new nation, and are elected King and Queen. The kingdom's enemies are imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost, a slum where magic is forbidden and surrounded by an inescapable barrier. Twenty years later, Prince Ben is to ascend the Auradon throne and informs his parents that his first proclamation will give the Isle of the Lost children the chance to live in Auradon away from the influence of their villainous parents.
Welcome to Auradon. We opened our arms to everyone whether you are kids of the princesses or the villains, you are all welcome. We hope you feel at home but don’t make so much chaos.
Group Rules:
1. be nice to everyone, especially to the mods
2. Please keep it PG, unless you go to the pms
3. no drama(unless it's role play drama)
4. role play with everyone
5. double
6. have fun :)
7. no godmodding please
School Rules:
1. Don't be late for classes
2. No eating or drinking in classes
3. No using your phone in classes.
4. Go to sleep at 10 or at least be at your bedroom, you're not able to go out after that.
5. You must follow your schedule, show up to classes, activities and duties on time including observing of homework hours and bedtime.
6. You shall come prepared and participate actively in class/activities and in a manner, which supports a caring, considerate, respectful and helpful environment.
Aud temp for kids with two parents:
Aud temp for kids with one parent:
Isle of the Lost Parents:
Auradon and places:
School staff:

The Epic Harry Potter Challenge

The Epic Harry Potter Challenge

Group Created: May 28th 2011
Challenge Created: November 2010
I first started this as just a challenge on a set but a friend of mine suggested that I make it into a group so...viola. Add me as a contact please, and fave the original challenge set here:
You can make sets for the outfits [THIS IS A FASHION CHALLENGE! NOT AN ART CHALLENGE] and put them into a collection or just create them on a collection - you chose, just once you are done message me with your completed collections. If you need me to answer any questions, just message me :)
Epic Harry Potter Challenge:
Tired of the real world? Wish you would have gotten that Hogwarts Acceptance Letter when you were 11?
Well, wish no longer as YOU have been accepted to Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Before the arrival of the very last Harry Potter movie, I present you with the challenge to keep the spirit alive and to get you pumped :D
----> Created outfits, pick your favorite teacher and spell, imagining that you are in fact a Hogwarts student. And put all of it into a collection; with the same title as the set
Also, try to keep everything in order; it may be difficult but you’ll be happier you did.
In the Information Section of the Collection:
☠ Chose what house you would be in, your designated pet, even animagi if you wish
☠ Pick your favorite teacher: Snape, Flitwick…etc.
☠ Pick your favorite Class: Potions, Charms...etc.
☠ Pick your favorite spell: Lumos, Nox…etc. this site helps
☠ Pick your best friend: Fred, Neville…etc. [please try to NOT chose one of the Golden Trio], you can also chose who you would date/marry [you do NOT have to chose their names, but you /can/]
☠ Pick what your job would be after Graduating/Leaving Hogwarts
Items/Outfits To Create a Set/Collection:
☠ Chose AT LEAST 20, or more if you choose, of the described below and create one outfit for each:
~~~~~P.S. You can do these in any order, you don't have to follow the order of the list
- - Your house uniform
- - Shopping in Diagon Alley
- - Plaform 9 3/4- -on the Train to Hogwarts
- - You’re House Quidditch Team [playing/watching]
- - Quidditch World Cup
- - Trip on the Knight Bus
- - Breaking into the Ministry [book 5]
- - Winter in Hogsmeade
- - Fall in Hogsmeade
- - Spring in Hogsmeade
- - A Wizard Christmas
- - A Wizard Halloween
- - You’re A Death Eater
- - Slug Club Christmas Party
- - Order of the Phoenix Meeting
- - Dumbledore’s Army Meeting
- - The Arrival of the Beaxbatons and Durmstang Students [book 4]
- - Tri-Wizard Tournament: Egg Challenge
- - Tri-Wizard Tournament: Lake Challenge
- - Yule Ball
- - Tri-Wizard Tournament: Maze Challenge
- - Wizard Duel [whether for practice or for battle]
- - On the Run [like how Harry, Ron and Hermione were]
- - Going to a Wizard Rock Concert
- - Going on a Wizarding Date
- - Dumbledore's Funeral
- - Battle of Hogwarts
- - Graduating Hogwarts [like what you'd wear to the ceremony]
- - Wizard Wedding
- - Life After Graduating from Hogwarts
- - Visiting the Ministry [for whatever reason]
- - Hanging out with your friends
- - Wizard Court
- - Detention
- - Lost in the Forbidden Forest
- - Taking Your O.W.L.S
- - Studying
- - A Wizards’ Vacation
- - Winter in Hogwarts
- - Spring in Hogwarts
- - Fall in Hogwarts
- - Christmas At Hogwarts
[I will add more as time goes on]
Post the completed collection link in the comment section of this page.
HERE IS MINE as a Guideline:
Please, Do not copy my challenge. It is meant to be fun for everyone, and copying is unoriginal and annoying.
If anyone has done a similar challenge to such, I apologize if I myself have /copied/ you. But I haven’t seen anything like this before :)

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Kpop stars

Kpop stars

Hey... you can create anything here related with Kpop stars of corse... xD
you can create sets with their outfits or the outfit you would wear when you'd go out with them...anything creative and beautiful <3
COLORS FOR TEAMS (this contest is in hiatus):
@luminoussuga - Seokjin- Points: 64
@jypwhisper - Woozi - Points:
@christinapayne1 - Taeyang - Points: 35
@sparkheartz - Hyuna - Points: 50
@claraclo19 - Choi Minho - Points: 31
@tortor1994 - Suga - Points: 71 (promoting bonus)
@mingyv - mingyu - Points: 100
@chomiczynka - TOP - Points: 47
@theamazingkissme - Jimin (of 15&) - Points: 62
@yazh - Baekhyun - Points: 51
@kairimikio - BAP's Daehyun - Points: 75 (promoting bonus)
@anazish - Sehun - Points: 25
@afaboro - Hwanhee - Points: 40 (promoting bonus)
@ani-onni - Kai - Points: 35
@black-galaxy - Amber - Points:
@lauacvdo - Jungkook - Points: 75 (promoting bonus)
@nataliacvdo21 - Yugyeom - Points: 50
@glitterlovergurl - Taehyung - Points: 30
@pollito21 - Mark - Points: 50
@calliopes - jonghyun - Points: 35
@madina9 - Rap Monster - Points: 62
@eillen - Taemin - Points: 70
@minciah69 - CL - Points: 64
@playmykeys - Bang yong-guk - Points: 30
@warna - D.O - Points: 58 (promoting bonus)
Points: (each contest)
1st- 20 pts
2nd- 18 pts
3rd- 16 pts
4th- 14 pts
5th- 12pts
but all members will have points if they have everything that is required in their set for each contest ...
if the set has everything required then you'll get the numbers of points that is estipulated ...
for each "MUST HAVE " you'll gain 5 points.
EX: if the contest has 3 "must have" then you'll get 15 points, if it has 4 "must have" you'll get 20 points...etc...